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people these days II

people are gonna backstab you, they’re gonna use you and even if you try your best to deal with them they never ran out of something negative to say against you as if they know you for so long.

Well yeah, we all have our flaws, our faults that’s just a sign of our imperfection. But people (w/o exception) won’t just stop talking and ranting about this and that towards others.

You try to do good, to help them if they need it, encourage them and lend them your things but with just one mistake they’re all gonna gather up and talk endless negative things about you when in fact they’re the ones who stinks.
oh those frustrating attitudes. -_-

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Waiting for you,
Is like waiting for morning —
By the time it comes,
I’m fast asleep.

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She was not mere sweetness, and he could not afford to condescend to her, for she was a force, she could drive him out of his depth and push him under.


- Atonement, Ian McEwan (via dieworten)
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Return it all to me. Even the broken
handle of an unwashed coffee mug,
the pair of socks I lent, the torn sweater
burnt by firecrackers, the space
inside your drawers you named after me.
I want every piece of myself
that no longer belongs to you.
I will burn it somewhere far
into the back of my throat,
hoping it will be translated
to the word ‘Goodbye,’ hoping
I’ll forget you somewhere in between.


- Confession VII  (via pouvoires)
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A man
of ignorance
and pretence.
you could
a woman
great sense?
You sure
are a
that she’s
gullible, eh?

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We were. And then we weren’t


- (via prck)
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And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.


- Paul McCartney (via icanrelateto)
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being honest means to be strong; it speaks of bravery. so to be a candor means to be a dauntless.


- anj (divergent)
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